AdobeUpdater.exe hangs and cannot be killed

Today I have been experiencing a problem with adobes AdobeUpdater.exe. It takes 100% cpu usage and cannot be killed. The only way to get rid of it is to reboot and even that don't always work. Sometimes a hard reset (a.k.a. da button) is the only effective solution.

Searched a bit and found several others to have the same problem.

Suggested solutions:
  1. Rename
    c:\program files\Adobe\Updater5\AdobeUpdater.exe
    to (for example)
    c:\program files\Adobe\Updater5\AdobeUpdater.exe.old
    This will prevent the AdobeUpdater.exe from running.
    ( tip from Nish Vamadevans blog)

  2. Uninstall Adobe acrobat reader and use another software (like Foxit)

  3. Create an own Adobe installation package using the Adobe customization wizard 8 where you don't include the AdobeUpdater. See Aaron Parker's stealthpuppy.com
Hopefully Adobe will release a patch for this, but so far (version 8.1) the issue has not been fixed.

P.S. I went for solution 2, since I already had foxit installed. D.S.

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